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Primal is an artificial intelligence (AI) company powering the next generation of consumer and enterprise applications that augment human intelligence. Primal has built one of Canada’s most significant international AI patent portfolios with 145 patents.

Primal’s augmented intelligence applications help people do their jobs better, serve individuals’ interests, and bring AI to its full potential. Instead of fears of AI taking over everyone’s jobs, this kind of AI (augmented intelligence) is not a replacement for people – it enhances what people can do with their limited time and resources.

Primal’s augmented intelligence platform combines advanced semantic synthesis and knowledge representation to understand text in a similar manner to how the human brain processes and represents information. Unlike big-data AI solutions which require lots of training data, Primal can find meaning from even very small pieces of data, like a tweet.

Early adopters such as aiweek.io (formerly Access AI) have realized 15% week-over-week organic Twitter follower growth and increased web traffic.

Primal is proudly based in Canada and is part of the Toronto:Waterloo Region Corridor.

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