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A few weeks ago, I made the trip down to Content Marketing World, “the largest content marketing event on the planet” with over 2600 delegates representing 50 countries.

I wanted to explore how the activity of content curation—the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular area of interest—was impacting this massive content marketing industry.

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I’m heading to Cleveland for Content Marketing World. Apparently it’s the “the largest content marketing event on the planet”, a gathering of “the best and the brightest” people in the industry.

Frankly, it’s all pretty overwhelming and intimidating for a person that isn’t a professional content marketer. Read more

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Women will benefit from the proactive delivery of personalized health information, using Primal’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology

Toronto, Canada / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2014 / Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH), a cloud based patient engagement system that puts control in the hands of women to Educate, Advocate and Collaborate on their own healthcare, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Primal to power discovery of personalized health data, as part of the OSH integrative health platform. Read more

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A case study in automated content curation

Content curation, the activity of collecting, organizing, and presenting information of interest to a target audience, is an essential component of content marketing.

As in many areas of marketing, aspects of content curation are being automated. Read more

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Introducing Primal’s intelligent content feeds


If you’re like us, RSS feeds are an essential part of your content pipeline. You use these feeds to keep track of the sources you care about, and share the best items with your customers and colleagues. Read more

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Introducing Primal’s content service

Personalized Web content for your app or website

You need content that’s tailored to your unique perspective, supporting the topics and sources that make you stand out from the crowd. You need a superstore, not a corner store, and you don’t want to do a lot of work to get it. Read more

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In business, vision isn’t some mythical ability to see the future. It’s about being able to recognize a pattern and apply it to something new, before others see it coming.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to one such pattern, the gestation of new media within old media. Read more

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Joyce Hostyn argues that Better Human Understanding, Not Big Data, Is the Future of Business. Some excerpts (with my emphasis):

Despite the best of intentions, we’re not data driven, we’re hypothesis driven. Our stories (our mental models) are merely hypotheses of how the world works.

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Developers have long created software that customers use directly. But now, we’re creating solutions that incorporate internal representations of end-users and adapt to individual needs.

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to the most important component in your solution stack, the user model, explain why it’s so important, and show you how to incorporate user modeling into your solution. Read more

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The Semantic Web provides an enticing vision of our online future. This next-generation Web will enable intelligent computer assistants to work autonomously on our behalf: scheduling our appointments, doing our shopping, finding the information we need, and connecting us with like-minded individuals. Read more

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Justin Kominar, Senior Software Developer at Primal
Justin Kominar is a Senior Software Developer at Primal

Recently, Justin Kominar, one of Primal’s developers was interviewed by 3scale. Primal’s uses 3scale’s product to manage access to our cloud-based Data API. There was so much interesting developer stuff in the interview, we thought we re-publish it in it’s entirety!

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Bots have a bad reputation. Whether they’re sinister botnets, carrying out coordinated attacks, or annoying spambots, polluting our digital universe with crappy auto-generated content, bots are a much maligned bunch.

You might ask, if bots are bad and a huge portion of Twitter activity is already generated by bots, Why is Primal creating another one? Read more