A Visual History of The Next Big Thing (and how to see The Next One coming)

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In business, vision isn’t some mythical ability to see the future. It’s about being able to recognize a pattern and apply it to something new, before others see it coming.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to one such pattern, the gestation of new media within old media.

Primal-Powered Learning Sherpa Voted Education App with Most Potential

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Learning Sherpa, a Primal-powered application that tailors educational content based on the intersection of interests between educators and students, was awarded The Learners’ Choice Prize in the Desire2Learn Edge Challenge. Learning Sherpa was selected as the submission with the most potential to have a lasting impact on teaching and learning.

Antisocial Networking: How Small (and Valuable) Can Social Networks Get?

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Antisocial networks like Snubster began as parody; a backlash against large social networks and our fatigue in managing virtual “friends” we barely know. But there are far more powerful and systemic trends leading towards true antisocial networks. The question of where social networking is heading and where it ends is important for anyone investing or venturing online.