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Buying Twitter Followers is Sketchy. Could Artificial Intelligence be the (Legit) Alternative?

Monday, February 4th, 2019

If you’re doing marketing for a smaller company, you’re very likely doing it all: juggling campaigns, content marketing, SEO, website updates, PR, social media, and whatever else comes along. You know your followers on platforms like Twitter are an important marketing opportunity, and you’re working hard to increase their numbers, in between all the other demands on your time.

photo of someone viewing Twitter on their iPhone

Fast tracking followers is a dilemma for any marketer, small business owner or social media manager. We’ve all heard how we can boost Twitter numbers by gaming the system through follow/unfollow bots or purchased Twitter accounts. Overnight, you’ve bought yourself a fan club and followers in the 1.5K range. Mission accomplished…if only it was actually worth anything.

The problem is most of those Twitter followers are just fake accounts. And dummy accounts don’t buy things, won’t engage, and will never make you much of an influencer. True, they can temporarily boost your street cred with inflated follower numbers, but if it’s a masquerade, you’ll eventually be discovered. And you can compromise your business’s integrity, because there are easy ways to check if your followers are real.

Buying followers also goes against Twitter’s terms of service, which could get you into hot water.

Earn Legit Followers with Some Help from AI

This is where artificial intelligence – or AI – could make a difference.

Building followers by sharing relevant content is the traditional, widely-recommended (and legitimate) way of increasing your audience. You share something compelling, and your followers help boost your numbers by liking, sharing or commenting about it to their networks. But the organic nature of this takes time and effort. Could AI speed things up?

AI is known for processing large sets of data, which can help us understand a broad sense of what people are interested in, like a satellite map gives us a big picture of a certain geography. Twitter’s categories can capture sweeping interests like sports or technology. But Twitter is a platform made up of individuals. Each of us, as unique tweeters, want to read things geared to our specific interests.

What if you could use AI to zero in on small chunks of data – as small as a single tweet – to understand what your followers are actually interested in, and share relevant content, on a regular basis, to each of those individual followers? Your followers would be much more likely to ‘like’, retweet, and reply.

Increase Engagement Through Individualization

Primal has an AI solution that can look at a tweet from one of your followers and understand the meaning and context of the post. It can then find and recommend content based on what that person tweeted. This means when one of your followers tweets something related to your brand, Primal can find a relevant article and tweet it back in response.

For example, if your follower tweeted “Friday looks like a great day to head out on the boat and catch some big ones”, Primal’s AI would understand how ‘boat’ is related to ‘catch’ and infer that your follower has a specific interest in fishing. It automatically sends a unique Twitter reply from you to that individual follower with a relevant article about fishing.

Now you’re micro-targeting content, continually engaging your followers, and responding to their unique interests. That’s the key to individualized marketing. And using AI means you’re saving tons of time and effort.

Amaze, Amplify and Influence

Your followers on Twitter want to be understood as individuals. Primal can provide individualized engagement at scale, creating authentic conversations, increasing loyalty, and organically growing your audience.


Want to see how AI can help you grow your Twitter followers? Try out Primal’s Intelligent Assistant for Twitter

Goodbye .@, Hello Messaging?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

A single-character change in how tweets are distributed highlights a massive strategic decision for Twitter.

When I first started using Twitter, I’d start my tweets with the names of other users. I wanted to give them credit for their ideas. I later discovered very few people even saw my tweets because of how they were composed. It was frustrating (and a little embarrassing) to learn I didn’t know how to use the service.

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The Surprising Potential of a De-Smooshed Twitter

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

A unique real-world experiment, powered by an AI, that highlights the rewards and challenges of treating people on Twitter like individuals.

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The Surprising Potential of a De-Smooshed Twitter

Confessions of a Twitter Bot

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
Source Talking Politics

Bots have a bad reputation. Whether they’re sinister botnets, carrying out coordinated attacks, or annoying spambots, polluting our digital universe with crappy auto-generated content, bots are a much maligned bunch.

You might ask, if bots are bad and a huge portion of Twitter activity is already generated by bots, Why is Primal creating another one?

We believe that intelligent, well-intentioned bots can add a lot of value.

If we build a bot that truly understands you as an individual and can do useful work on your behalf, it might be a welcome addition to the social scene.

In this post, we’ll share some observations and insights into the question, Can a Twitter bot do good?

Content Assistants for Messaging and Social Media

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Small conversational data such as tweets or text messages are a goldmine of individual interests. Millions of people everyday tweet about their favourite food, send a Kik or Facebook message about a recent TV episode, or take a photo on Instagram while attending a sporting event or concert.

However if you’re trying to recommend content or promote offers within a conversation, the ability to determine a user’s interests from these small data inputs is a huge challenge.

John Koestier in Venture Beat writes:

…tweets are difficult to register commercial intent…

If I tweet about my wife’s illness, are you going to target me with a random medicine? Or if you tweet about a great dinner you’re just about to eat, will you really be receptive to ads about a Greek restaurant just down the road?

In this post, we’ll show you an elegant solution for content recommendations, applied in messaging and social media platforms.

Social Media Analysis using your Interest Graph

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

News alert! Your social network wants to get to know you. Unfortunately, identifying and understanding your interests based on 140 characters is pretty hard to do! That’s why marketers are busy trying everything to get to know you better.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how Primal can be used to power social media analysis. This demos highlights tweets about topics you are interested in and helps you discover related topics that people are tweeting about right now!