Getting Started with the Data Service

It’s easy to add the power of Primal’s interest graphs to your applications. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Account setup

  1. Log in to your Primal account, or create one if you do not already have one.
  2. Fill out the Create a New Application form to request a new API key.

Making your first call

You now have the necessary Primal account and API key values to make any call to Primal’s Data Service. You can call Primal from directly within your own code, or start exploring the service immediately by making calls using a REST client, by following these steps:

  1. Download any REST client plugin for your browser, such as Postman or REST Console.
  2. In your REST client, input your Primal username and password into the Basic HTTP authentication section.
  3. Add the following “Header” entries to your call in your REST client using the values retrieved in the steps above:
    • Primal-App-ID
    • Primal-App-Key
  4. Populate your interest graph with your first interest by making a POST call (e.g. POST;scuba+diving). If you got everything right, Primal will respond with a 201 status code indicating that your call was successful.
  5. Finally, make a GET call to the same URL to retrieve the newly generated information (e.g. GET;scuba+diving).

If you are having trouble, check out our documentation to learn more. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Support team and we’ll be happy to help get you up and running.

Now that you’ve seen Primal in action, it’s time to start building your own innovative Primal-powered applications!