Applications and Markets

Primal’s AI bridges the gap between the sparse expressions of interest provided by consumers and the rich, structured data needed to direct the activities of modern computing.

Primal’s interest graphs can be used as machine-readable inputs to a series of automated processes and software agents to get things done faster, easier, and simpler than with today’s complex and costly solutions. In this way, Primal’s AI extends existing computer systems to perform highly personalized tasks for individual users.

Primal’s flagship product is a cloud-based data service that delivers semantic user modeling and a framework for software agents to interact across the internet.

Applications of Primal’s AI include personalized news and information services, software agents, multi-document summarization, semantic search, communities of interest, personal knowledge management, and social media monitoring and analytics.

Primal’s AI is applied in large-scale (big data) environments where the underlying knowledge being represented is highly complex. Markets include internet-scale personalization and user modelling, vertical and enterprise search, e-commerce, advertising, collaboration and social networking, and complex knowledge domains such as health.